IT Services

The challenges that 2020 brought have taught us many valuable lessons — how to quickly move entire organizations to remote workforces, how to create a secure work environment and how to prioritize digital initiatives like never before.

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Residential Support

We have always supported home users since we were established and have gained the trust of all our clients who continually use us for advice and support.

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Business Support

Professional Computer Technical Support and Repairs for small businesses and home users and individuals in the Merseyside and beyond

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Network Products

Working with Our vendors we provide every IT solution for every business need.
  • Prevent online attacks
  • Real-time Remotely monitor facilities
  • How physical spaces are used
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Upgrade your computer with the latest keyboards and mice.

Get connected with webcams and PC speakers for Zoom and Teams

Boost your calls with the latest headsets and microphones
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Backup and Restore

Protect and isolate critical data from ransomware with sophisticated backups.

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Data Transfers

Simplify the process of migrating assets from your data center to the public, private, or hybrid cloud including right-sizing instances with unparalleled visibility..

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Database Repairs

Detect database vulnerabilities and prevent data corruption Manage privileges and authenticate users to limit data access

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Wireless Technology

Omnicom Systems provides reliable, secure, fast Wi-Fi. Set up your network in minutes and enjoy fast speeds inside and outside.

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