Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about IT service agreements, migration processes, response times, and data security measures.

Why should I consider outsourcing our IT in the first place?

In today’s digital age, technology is used to support almost every aspect of a business — from product development at the forefront, to project planning at management level, to accounting at the back-end.

Here are some of the reasons your small company could benefit from a Business IT Support Service:

Check out our post on the Benefits of IT Support for Small Companies, where we explore the role that IT support plays in developing and sustaining, a growing business.

Why should I choose you as my IT Service provider?

Our ability to understand and meet the needs of our clients makes us one of the favoured IT Services for many small companies based in Merseyside. Here are the top reasons why you should consider UK IT:

We fully understand that you need to feel confident in outsourcing your IT. You can learn more about why Omnicom Systems Service ticks all the right boxes from our blog.

How will you price your services for my unique business?

Our experience in the IT Service industry dates back to 1999. We have priced a vast array of client requirements, across varied industries.

No matter how unique your business is, We will cater to individual components to meet your needs. We will provide you with the precise costings for each part of our service. This will enable you to check our competitive pricing against any other quotations you receive.

We believe that creating clear, itemised proposals — without the small print — is one step towards building strong, long-lasting, client relationships.

How flexible are your agreements? (In case I decide to cancel)

Cancellations need not be a cause for concern.
Our service agreements stipulate a break clause with immediate effect during the first month, and three months notice thereafter. This enables you to end the service at your discretion.
Of course, we hope that you will be satisfied with the high standards we set, and decide to continue working with us.

Can I try your service before committing?

The migration process is time-intensive at our end — so we do not provide trials.

However, we are currently offering a generous introductory promotion for new clients, giving free onboarding when you sign up for 12 months. This means that outsourcing your IT to us will not cost you anything.

Either way, we are here to discuss your requirements. To learn more about our current offers and pricing structures, please contact us.

Is it difficult to migrate to UK IT?
It couldn't be simpler. Our migration process is hassle-free and we'll do all the heat lifting for you.

To achieve this we:

Learn more on how we handle migrations from our post: Tips for a hassle-free IT support transition.

Will I maintain full control over my business by using your service?

Yes, absolutely.
We understand that you are likely to have some reservations about outsourcing your IT. Perhaps you are concerned about the loss of directorship, the privacy of confidential information, or spiralling costs.

Rest assured that with Omnicom Systems you will not surrender any control. On the contrary, you will gain addidional flexibility by relieving time-consuming responsibilities to us.

Learn more about how we improve the efficiency of SME’s from our post: What is The Best IT Support Service For Your Small Business?

How quickly do you respond to requests for assistance?

Omnicom Systems is a 24/7/365 organisation. So we are here to provide remote IT support at any time.

Furthermore, we focus on serving local, Merseyside-based clients. This means we are able to rapidly respond to physical faults. That is why, in the vast majority of cases, we outperform target response times and exceed the agreed SLAs.

We will do everything it takes to reduce system downtime and, most crucially, maintain the continuity of your services.

Will you ensure my work is backed up?

Yes — that goes without saying.

We regularly backup important data to a separate location. In the worst-case scenario, this backup might be required to restore your system if your data is deleted or modified accidentally, or without authorisation.

However, our aim is to anticipate potential faults, and act before they become a source of confrontation or crisis. Regular maintenance, system updates, and enhanced security features carried out by us all help to eliminate data loss.

How will you keep my company’s data safe and protected?

We will assess the impact cyber crimes could have on your organisation, and take every possible measure to prevent anyone falling victim to them.

Omnicom Systems aims to tighten up the security at SME’s, so that no single vulnerability will become the cause of disruption. We achieve this through:

Companies of all sizes depend on the smooth running of their IT systems and the information contained on them. That is precisely why we devote so many resources to (substantially) minimising risks. Business owners should read our Guide To Protecting Your SME From Cyber Crime.

What happens if you do not meet SLA’s?

Omnicom Systems does not take on workloads that our team is not capable of completing, on task, during the most turbulent periods. So, at no point, should there be delays in our service. Thus, we usually exceed agreed SLA’s.

Our business is driven by customer satisfaction and recommendations. Hence, we must deliver the high quality levels we promise our clients.

If for some reason you are displeased with our service then we would look to put any wrongs right as quickly as possible.

What if I want to switch to another IT service from UK IT?

We respect the choices of our clients. So if it did not work out, then We will accommodate your decision to leave us and help you migrate, if required.

Contact us to find out more on any of the above points, or to ask specific questions.

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