Security and protection

Whether protecting a single store or a global network, you need security solutions that are simple to use but powerful enough to contain modern cyberthreats. New cyberthreats emerge every day. Understand exactly what risks you face, and get help protecting your business by leveraging our more than 20 years of security experience. Whether you are a small or medium size we offer cybersecurity solutions to help protect your instructure.

We aim to build security into the business at every level and from the ground up, rather than having it as an add-on. This approach to data security helps prevent loss or unauthorised access to data, while simultaneously making it easier for trusted stakeholders to support business operations and growth.

Our vendors provide built-in security in their equipment that protect your busines From from any attempt to compromise the integrity of your valuable data.

Database Repairs

Repair Corrupt SQL Database (.mdf &.ndf) Files on Windows & Linux OS. Recover Tables, Triggers, Indexes, Keys, Rules and Defaults. Recover Deleted Records From Database. Supports Database Recovery on Both Windows. Repair Corrupt SQL Server Database file & recover lost data, tables, views, stored procedures, rules, defaults, user defined data types and triggers from corrupt MDF database.

Sales Support And Upgrade

Other duties and responsibilities of our Sales Support Specialist may include: Answering questions from prospective customers about online purchase process Tracking orders and investigating shipping delays for customers waiting on products Answering questions from existing customers with faulty or unwanted products Processing customer sales, refunds and returns Performing data entry duties with regards to sales figures, metrics and other key data Reporting unusual activity to supervisors Updating customer records with new contact details and notes on support interactions Referring complex cases to Sales Support Manager Making follow-up contact to inform customers of new or improved products.

Data Transfers

Secure and rugged storage for the emerging edge. Take control of your data transfer and transport costs when moving data around your enterprise. Store mass data at the edge and transfer it in days, not weeks. This secure, portable, rackable edge storage solution puts enterprise data in motion.

IT Services

Our IT team hasthe business and technical expertise to enable organizations in the creation, management and optimization of or access to information and business processes. Our IT team also provides different categories of service: business process services, application services and infrastructure services. IT services help provide and maintain the technology tools your office uses every day. Understanding what services IT provides can help you determine which ones you need when looking for an IT service provider. In this article, we define IT services and what they're for so you can find an IT team that works best for your organization.

Our Story

With over 20 years of experience in dealing successfully with different sized companies we are able to handle any IT queries and provide solutions to your IT issues.

We were engaged in installing, small to medium sized Cisco networks and satellite network for an international satellite company ARISNET (Advanced Remote Internet Satellite Network).

Our Goal

To provide continuous support and the fastest response times from our UK helpdesk to all our clients. From security to communications and infrastructure, Omnicom Systems provides reliable, cost-effective solution that fits individual. All from a friendly, local team who work along with you.

We were engaged in installing, small to medium sized Cisco networks and satellite network for an international satellite company ARISNET (Advanced Remote Internet Satellite Network).

Home Users Support

  • Help, advice and technical support
  • Troubleshooting and repair services
  • Remote and onsite support
  • IT product supply, configuration and installation
  • Virus removal and protection
  • Recovery of data and backup solutions
  • Ongoing maintenance and support
  • Home Wi-Fi installation and setup
  • Annual PC health checks
  • Tablets and Mobile devices supported

  • There is nothing more frustrating than having computer problems that you can’t solve by yourself. We take care of

  • Cracked LCD Screens
  • Liquid Spills
  • Virus, malware, and ransomware
  • WiFi and Network problems
  • You can depend on the technicians at Omnicom Systems Sales and Service to solve any problem at your home computer needs.

    Contact us for our quality and price plan.

    Business Support

    Keep your business running smoothly and let our Sales and Service tech specialists assist you by providing the best solutions for your business.

    We provide flexible on-site and remote services to give you the assurance that any IT needs you have will be resolved promptly, and at a fair price.

    Call us and let us schedule an onsite appointment at your office and we can discuss your needs

    or fill the Contact form to get our quality and price plan.

    Network Products

    Enable cybersecurity and physical safety using powerful technologies with cloud-first platform.

    Prevent online attacks with network visibility and next-generation security in a single cloud-managed platform
    Remotely monitor facilities in real time and prevent intrusions with smart cameras and sensors
    Ensure safe occupancy and gain intelligence about how physical spaces are used with advanced analytics

    Call us and let us schedule an onsite appointment at your office and we can discuss your needs

    or fill the Contact form for more information.

    PC Assessories

    Upgrade your computer with the latest keyboards and mice
    Get the most out of your laptop or desktop PC with an upgraded keyboard or mouse. The right keyboard for work can really make a difference for your typing, helping speed up everyday tasks. Jump straight to your most used programs and control your music or playlists with programmable media keys. If you do not want to be tied to one spot, or you want to pack your keyboard with you, choose a wireless keyboard. And if you type loads, mechanical keyboards are really responsive. Using the right mouse for your laptop or desktop is important for comfort and how productive you are. So, think about how you work - a wireless mouse is perfect for taking your laptop to the office without a tangle of wires. And when it comes to those big presentations, a presentation clicker is all you need.
    Get connected with webcams and PC speakers for Zoom and Teams
    If you are working from home, it is important that you have the perfect setup for your meetings. The webcam built into your laptop might not be the best resolution for important presentations or calls with clients where you need to be seen and heard. Pick a webcam that’s Full HD or better – you will appear in great quality no matter the occasion. And when it comes to sound, do not get stuck asking people to repeat things. Pick up a pair of PC speakers and boost the audio of every Zoom or Teams call. They connect to your laptop using a single USB cable, so it’s easy to get set up.
    Boost your calls with the latest headsets and microphones
    When you are picking a new headset or microphone, it is important to know what you want. If you tend to stay at your desk, or sit on calls for long hours, you will want to prioritise comfort and look for over the ear headphones with memory foam earcups. But if you tend to move around while you talk or think, a wireless headset is for you. Connect to your laptop or PC and you’re ready to continue your calls wherever you go. Wireless bluetooth headsets are also great for pairing with your phone or tablet and staying connected or listening to music. Getting a good quality microphone is a key part of many PC setups – perfect for streaming online, recording a podcast or filming a video with professional sound.
    Tablet accessories for on the go
    We stock plenty of tablet accessories to make life easier when you are on the move. If you are carrying your tablet in and out of meetings and then back home, you’ll likely want to protect it with a tablet case and a screen protector. In addition, a lightweight tablet keyboard will allow you to convert your tablet into a mini laptop whenever you need to type. We also have special iPad keyboards, If you’re an iPad user.

    Call us and let us schedule an onsite appointment at your office and we can discuss your needs

    or fill the Contact form for more information.

    Backup and Restore

    There is often no more significant trauma to any business than losing precious data. Research has shown that in case of a total data loss, 90% of companies that fail to protect their critical business data go out of business within two years without backup and disaster recovery solutions. Our Managed backup and disaster recovery service lets you design a data-saving strategy based on your business requirements. Backup and Disaster Recovery Strategy the difference between backup and disaster recovery is significant. Backup copies your data, and disaster recovery ensures that your resources continue to run even if a disaster is stuck. Disaster Recovery ( DR ) is configured in addition to a backup. If you need to restore specific files, you must use backup Restore instead of Disaster Recovery. Cost differences between backup and disaster recovery are also significant. Backup and disaster recovery vendors offer managed backup and disaster recovery services to ensure the successful storage of your disk-based and cloud-based data with daily incremental & version history support. We also give you the tools to perform data restores & ensure the security of your critical business data. This fully managed service is secure, dependable, and complies with GDPR. All your Server storage data will store data online in a data centre location of your choice, which delivers the very best data protection and security measures. The managed backup solution supports all Microsoft operating systems, databases and third-party software applications. Cost is calculated by the data you anticipate storing and the data retention period. Our plan allows you to choose time slots to start your daily incremental backups once a full backup is complete. Secure and Modern DataCentre Storage We use data centre facilities with onsite engineers 24×7, fully redundant storage configurations, uninterrupted power supplies and redundant connectivity, and seismically hardened structures. Access to the storage infrastructure is strictly controlled and monitored with physical and digital safeguards. Backup and restore reports are available through a web-based portal. Restoring Data Restoring data is simple. The customer-initiated restore console gives you complete control over data backup & disaster recovery. Alternatively, our Managed Storage & Restore engineers at Server Consultancy can help you with the data restore process. Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan A disaster Recovery Plan is a critical part of Business Continuity. In this technology-enabled world, none of the businesses is immune from misfortune. One of the most significant threats to all businesses is critical data loss. Hardware failure, natural disasters and human error could lead to data loss. A backup and disaster recovery plan enables you to recover data and systems in a disaster and provides the company’s business continuity goals. A disaster recovery plan includes a checklist of critical IT systems and networks, prioritising the recovery time objective and outlining the strategy needed to restart, reconfigure and recover IT systems and data. It ensures the efficient handover of electronic information should the IT support professional be sick, on holiday, or moved to another role. Server Consultancy provides an extensive business continuity plan to mitigate the impact of a catastrophic event on your business. The conception of a written Backup & Disaster Recovery Plan document is the perfect opportunity to match a business’s goals with IT tools, services and procedures. It is also a powerful instrument for IT managers or directors to obtain IT budgets to meet business continuity goals. General Data Protection Regulation ( GDPR) Article 32(1), sections (a)-(d) of the GDPR law mandates that businesses must have a backup & disaster recovery plan in place and that this is tested regularly. Companies must be able to restore the availability and access to personal data on time in a physical or technical incident. Moreover, the GDPR rules mandate encryption of personal data and ensure confidentiality, integrity, availability and resilience of processing systems and services. The Backup & Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) is integral to Business Continuity. Businesses without one are subject to sanctions up to 4% turnover or £ 20 million, more significant under article 32 of GDPR. A Wide Range of Disaster Recovery Solutions We offer a range of DR solutions, including Azure Site Recovery, which provides recovery solutions tailored to your business requirements. The backbone of any backup & disaster recovery solution is regular automated backups of your entire business-critical data. Backups could be stored onsite alongside your primary IT infrastructure. However, by choosing to keep the backup off-site, it is safe from onsite threats (such as fire and flooding). Backup & Disaster Recovery solutions can quickly create a comprehensive full backup from the cloud without impacting day-to-day business operations. In the event of a disaster, your complete data can be accessed promptly and restored, reducing the impact on your productivity to an absolute minimum. The exact nature of any of our solutions is dependent on the needs and characteristics of our business customers. The number of servers in the business and the data volume are two vital factors. Our engineers will consolidate the size of your data and growth rate, these details amongst a broader range of factors to determine the most effective and dependable DR solution. Please don’t leave it to chance. By failing to prepare a backup and disaster recovery plan, your business may face a loss of customers or even collapse. Server Consultancy’s consultants are ready to share their expertise and ready your business for a data loss event. Call or request a callback today for more detailed information on our disaster recovery solutions

    Data Transfers

    Our Vendor simplifies the process of migrating assets from your data center to the public, private or hybrid cloud. We start with complete mapping, then discover all dependencies, working without agents or credentials. With ultimate visibility, you can efficiently assess and model specific workloads, right-sizing your instances for a successful cloud migration project.

    Wireless Technology

    Easy set up and management

    The collection of Wi-Fi products from our Vendors makes your business Wi-Fi incredibly simple. Monitor and manage your business network anywhere from your phone, and keep tabs on who is connecting to which sites and apps.

    Blazing fast and wicked smart

    Automatic data routing keeps all your info flowing on the fastest path. Automatic software updates keep your Wi-Fi operating at top speeds. If an error is detected, your network heals itself. Connect all your devices, even those with a wired connection, including POS terminals, security cameras, smart locks, printers, smart TVs, and more.

    Security at no extra cost

    Security is built into the system, not an add-on. Easily separate business and employee traffic from customer traffic. Set hours for network availability and block specific sites and app categories to ward off malicious activity.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Learn more about IT service agreements, migration processes, response times, and data security measures.

    Why should I consider outsourcing our IT in the first place?

    In today’s digital age, technology is used to support almost every aspect of a business — from product development at the forefront, to project planning at management level, to accounting at the back-end.

    Here are some of the reasons your small company could benefit from a Business IT Support Service:

    • Fast response times to inevitable faults (reduced system downtime)
    • Ensures SMEs use the best equipment and remain current
    • Reduced expense on full-time staff
    • Encourages management & staff to focus on progressive business objectives

    Check out our post on the Benefits of IT Support for Small Companies, where we explore the role that IT support plays in developing and sustaining, a growing business.

    Why should I choose you as my IT Service provider?

    Our ability to understand and meet the needs of our clients makes us one of the favoured IT Services for many small companies based in Merseyside. Here are the top reasons why you should consider UK IT:
    • Team stability
    • Cost-effectiveness and value for money
    • Trust and privacy
    • Maintaining control
    • Protection of data
    • Legal compliance
    • Fast response times (to any type of fault)
    • Excellent communication

    We fully understand that you need to feel confident in outsourcing your IT. You can learn more about why Omnicom Systems Service ticks all the right boxes from our blog.

    How will you price your services for my unique business?

    Our experience in the IT Service industry dates back to 1999. We’ve priced a vast array of client requirements, across varied industries.

    No matter how unique your business is, we’ll cater to individual components to meet your needs. We’ll provide you with the precise costings for each part of our service. This will enable you to check our competitive pricing against any other quotations you receive.

    We believe that creating clear, itemised proposals — without the small print — is one step towards building strong, long-lasting, client relationships.

    How flexible are your agreements? (In case I decide to cancel)

    Cancellations need not be a cause for concern.
    Our service agreements stipulate a break clause with immediate effect during the first month, and three months notice thereafter. This enables you to end the service at your discretion.
    Of course, we hope that you’ll be satisfied with the high standards we set, and decide to continue working with us.

    Can I try your service before committing?

    The migration process is time-intensive at our end — so we don’t provide trials.

    However, we’re currently offering a generous introductory promotion for new clients, giving free onboarding when you sign up for 12 months. This means that outsourcing your IT to us will not cost you anything.

    Either way, we’re here to discuss your requirements. To learn more about our current offers and pricing structures, please contact us.

    Is it difficult to migrate to UK IT?
    It couldn't be simpler. Our migration process is hassle-free and we'll do all the heat lifting for you.

    To achieve this we:
    • Perform fast, seamless IT changeovers completely free of charge.
    • Liaise directly with your outgoing provider, so you don’t have to act as an intermediary.
    • Take on full responsibility for the transition without interrupting your day-to-day tasks.
    • Work out of hours to ensure there is zero — or minimal — downtime to your business.
    • Educate your staff members on the new systems, and answer any questions they may have.
    • Monitor your progress after completion of the changeover in order to adjust your set up to perfection.

    Learn more on how we handle migrations from our post: Tips for a hassle-free IT support transition.

    Will I maintain full control over my business by using your service?

    Yes, absolutely.
    We understand that you are likely to have some reservations about outsourcing your IT. Perhaps you’re concerned about the loss of directorship, the privacy of confidential information, or spiralling costs.

    Rest assured that with Omnicom Systems you won’t surrender any control. On the contrary, you’ll gain additional flexibility by relieving time-consuming responsibilities to us.

    Learn more about how we improve the efficiency of SME’s from our post: What’s The Best IT Support Service For Your Small Business?

    How quickly do you respond to requests for assistance?

    Omnicom Systems is a 24/7/365 organisation. So we’re here to provide remote IT support at any time.

    Furthermore, we focus on serving local, Merseyside-based clients. This means we’re able to rapidly respond to physical faults. That’s why, in the vast majority of cases, we outperform target response times and exceed the agreed SLAs.

    We’ll do everything it takes to reduce system downtime and, most crucially, maintain the continuity of your services.

    Will you ensure my work is backed up?

    Yes — that goes without saying.

    We regularly backup important data to a separate location. In the worst-case scenario, this backup might be required to restore your system if your data is deleted or modified accidentally, or without authorisation.

    However, our aim is to anticipate potential faults, and act before they become a source of confrontation or crisis. Regular maintenance, system updates, and enhanced security features carried out by us all help to eliminate data loss.

    How will you keep my company’s data safe and protected?

    We’ll assess the impact cyber crimes could have on your organisation, and take every possible measure to prevent anyone falling victim to them.

    Omnicom Systems aims to tighten up the security at SME’s, so that no single vulnerability will become the cause of disruption. We achieve this through:

    • Educating clients (and their staff)
    • System account management
    • System updates
    • Data backups
    • Staying up to date with known vulnerabilities
    • Recommending new software and hardware that reduces security breaches.

    Companies of all sizes depend on the smooth running of their IT systems and the information contained on them. That’s precisely why we devote so many resources to (substantially) minimising risks. Business owners should read our Guide To Protecting Your SME From Cyber Crime.

    What happens if you don’t meet SLA’s?

    Omnicom Systems doesn’t take on workloads that our team isn’t capable of completing, on task, during the most turbulent periods. So, at no point, should there be delays in our service. Thus, we usually exceed agreed SLA’s.

    Our business is driven by customer satisfaction and recommendations. Hence, we must deliver the high quality levels we promise our clients.

    If for some reason you are displeased with our service then we’d look to put any wrongs right as quickly as possible.

    What if I want to switch to another IT service from UK IT?

    We respect the choices of our clients. So if it didn’t work out, then we’ll accommodate your decision to leave us and help you migrate, if required.

    Contact us to find out more on any of the above points, or to ask specific questions.

    The Cost of IT Support for a Small Business in the UK

    The cost of IT services for small businesses can vary across the UK, and every IT company has its own pricing policy. However, your budget should be around £150 per user per month for a good Managed IT Service plan. This cost is a generalisation, and business IT support costs can vary depending on the type of services your business needs and the size of your business. Let me explain some factors which influence the costs of your business IT needs.
    If you’re researching small business, IT support costs, and you probably have also considered the estimated cost of hiring an in-house IT person. It is not simple to hire an IT employee for a small business, keeping in mind the cost of an IT person may be in the £30,000 to £60,000 range per annum, depending on the skill levels required and the experience. Then there is the scenario of what if that one person is unavailable…You might be sitting in your office right now wondering what to do about that IT issue when oops!, the one person you were counting on is out for a day or a week.
    The truth of the matter? You just need more than one technician and it’s not going to cost an arm and leg. Most small companies either do not have the budget, or just can’t afford to hire even an IT employee. For this, several small businesses move to the IT company market to try and find a reliable and affordable IT agency.

    What Is The Cost Of IT Support For A Small Business In The UK?

    The average hourly rate for IT services in the UK can vary, but it is common to expect to pay anywhere between £50 to £150 per hour. On average, a part-time technician can charge anywhere between £60-£70 per hour, but a professional and experienced IT company will likely charge more in the range of £80-£150. The average cost of IT support services can vary from region to region, but overall, these numbers will work when looking at computer repair and break & fix services

    How Much Should You Pay For Ad-Hoc IT Support Services?

    You’ll pay for IT support around £70-£100 for an hour for “Break & Fix” services and about £150 per user for fully Managed IT Services.

    These two main price models are widely used by IT support companies. One model is known as “Break & Fix“, and the other is called “Managed IT Services“.

    Managed IT Services are cost-effective and are commonly preferred by small businesses since they might save money.

    There is a big difference between Break & Fix and managed IT Services:

    Break & Fix is when you need an IT support company for having issues. Although a Break & Fix seems like a cost-saving model, it has its drawbacks too.

    Firstly, you can stop spending way more than you expect using the Break & Fix approach. However, you’ll not be able to predict or calculate your IT costs or budget, and you’ll not have any ongoing protection and monitoring for your systems.

    Let’s suppose you own a Dental Practice business with 15 employees. You need to call an IT company a few times a week to fix ongoing small computer issues and maybe one big problem weekly.

    Let’s suppose again that you consumed 20 hours of support and Break & Fix services for the week. Using the average rate of £75 per hour, you need to expect to pay a total bill of £1500 for just one week.

    Average Price List For Small Business IT Support In The UK

    You might be wondering how to calculate IT support costs. However, there is no easy and quick IT support costs calculator.You might be wondering how to calculate IT support costs. However, there is no easy and quick IT support costs calculator.

    The given price list includes average costs based on hourly and monthly IT support costs from experienced and certified suppliers.

    1- Ad-Hoc IT support costs – £75/hour (Approx. + call out)

    Ad hoc business IT support is the most common model. It can be delivered via on-site visits (most often, it’ll be delivered by an IT engineer coming to your business), or sometimes it can be remote support.

    Ad Hoc support costs typically start at around £60 per hour but cost around £75 per hour is an average. If calling the service provider out for on-site work, there may also be “call-out” charges to cover the travel expenses.

    There are no ongoing costs of this particular IT support service, and you will only pay for them carrying out the fix.

    The disadvantages – however, are extensive! The ad-hoc support services lack preventative maintenance, no real strategic alignment with your business needs, no monitoring, and higher effective billable rate, just to name but a few. The statistics also say it is also in the interest of the suppliers for things to go wrong and take a long time to fix.

    This one is our least favourite model! Our advice for small businesses is to look at a managed IT support agreement – it’s a far better value for money service!

    2- Pre-paid IT support costs – £80/hour (Approx. bundled, purchased in advance)

    Like ad-hoc IT support, pre-paid IT support is a “reactive” service. The most common and sold-out service is probably pre-paid IT support, and this model is a great deal that several IT companies are offering to their customers.


    The average cost for this model of IT support is £60 per hour, with 20 hours purchased in advance (it’s an average). The hours are pre-purchased to allow the cheap IT support supplier to discount the hourly rate.

    It’s great for many IT support suppliers because they are not at risk of doing more work than they’re paid for.

    Pre-paid IT support is like ad-hoc support with almost all the same risks attached and not great for customers… You’ll not receive regular maintenance, no monitoring of systems and no consultation to ensure strategic IT alignment with your small business.

    3- Fixed-rate IT support contract – £20 per computer, per month (Approx.)

    Instead of hourly services, most cyber security and maintenance companies now offer some kind of fixed-rate support service.

    Fixed-rate IT support is generally charged on a per-computer basis, on average £20 per computer.

    Managed IT support contracts cover the “reactive” phone and other remote support, sometimes onsite support, monitoring of your computers & servers, should someone visit your business and fix something.

    Fixed-rate IT support covers reactive support, which means you won’t be forking out for any hidden charges if a problem arises.

    Moreover, you’ll also benefit from a fixed monthly fee, meaning planning around your IT budget will be simpler.

    Be alert, as some business IT support suppliers might brand this service as “Managed IT Support” when it is not much more than reactive service. You might be in the same situation as buying bundles of hours.

    With little or no real active tasks, maintenance, or monitoring going on in the background, you still face the risk of poor security, higher downtime, and IT service that’s almost completely reactive.

    4. Fully Managed IT Support – £25 per user, per month (Approx.)

    Secure, well-managed and high availability IT takes a long time to manage. Strategic awareness and thoughtful consideration towards your business needs must be known for this to be delivered.

    The perfect and true managed IT service provider will have several delivery areas dedicated to the multiple aspects that contribute to a well-managed IT system.

    A fully managed IT support model is generally charged per user and monthly.

    The average cost per user for a fully managed IT support is £25 in today’s market with no extra fee whatsoever.

    The cost should also include onsite visits because they claim to deliver the service at a fixed and known rate – no matter the way to fix.

    • 24/7 Monitoring of your entire IT estate: Your IT support supplier should constantly check for software issues, hardware faults, anti-virus status, and backup monitoring. They should also be able to check your backups and making a test restoration regularly.

    • Regular auditing, administration, and technical visits: You shouldn’t ever call your IT service suppliers when something is wrong! To stay on top of your IT infrastructure and your estate issues, maintenance tasks must be carried out, records need to be kept, and regular & important cyber security audits must be conducted.

    • Strategic guidance: You should have regular meets up with your supplier; the purpose of these meetings should be to keep your supplier up-to-date with your business developments and provide strategic guidance.

    There is no disadvantage! However, our only tip is to be wary of the supplier you choose, as some are not well protected themselves and therefore effectively cause cyber security threats.

    Whether you decide to use fully managed IT services, an in-house team, ad-hoc IT support, or outsourced services, your decision will be based on how IT affects your core ability and bottom line too.

    Small business IT support services are very affordable today, and you’ll be able to have a perfect plan that fits your business IT needs and budget.

    If you find this information helpful and looking to know more about IT services for your business, we have more for you. Learn more about it on our IT Support website. If you are looking for the best IT services for small businesses in the UK, contact us today