Our Services

Omnicom Systems offers a whole range of hardware, peripherals and computer components, support and repair services. We provide computer support, maintenance and computer repair services for small business and homes. We also offer on site, in home pc computer maintenance and support contracts to help assist you with your Information Technology needs.

Web Design Service

We offer website design and publishing services in which we will work with you to create the perfect website for your needs.

Hardware Installations

If your business needs a dedicated office space we are able to install all hardware and provision each device for your specific needs. We also offer the same service at a lower cost for residential properties.

Network Infrastructure

We are able to design and install network solutions for your individual needs, whether you need a network for home or business.

IT Infrastructure & Support

We provide specialist services for businesses in which we are able to look after their IT infrastructure and provide support when needed at a low rate.

Wireless Infrastructure

In today’s world of fast moving technology, the wireless network is more than just a convenience – it is critical. Wireless networks operate in a shared spectrum with a variety of applications and devices competing for bandwidth in enterprise environments. More than ever, businesses, homes, individuals and other organisations need to have visibility in their wireless spectrum to prevent unexpected downtime.

Omnicom Systems specialises in providing exceptional wireless technology delivering high speed, best in class connectivity. Using the latest wireless technology allows the industry to maintain efficiency and keep pace with ever changing data transfer speeds. Our wireless solutions can help ensure secure data transactions, improve efficiency, secure transfer of confidential information and improve security.

To ensure that security policies are applied consistently throughout the network, our wireless systems are designed to monitor for unplanned networks, unauthorized client networks, client spoofing and other attacks that may introduce security openings in the network. Our designed system allows for mobility and flexibility, creating a wide area community wireless network that everyone authorised can access from anywhere and at anytime without compromising performance, reliability or privacy.

As well as supplying network infrastructure, Omnicom Systems provides a complete infrastructure solution, from initial consultation and survey through to supply, installation, training and management, using our teams of fully qualified, high level engineers and ICT technicians. We also provide full after sales support, including training and enhanced swap-out warranties, to minimise any downtime


Data Security

Protect your computer with award-winning antivirus and internet security Keep your system safe from attacks that demand ransom to unlock your data Stop hackers from accessing your computer or business system Ability to shop and bank online worry-free that your transactions are safe Safely store and prefill your passwords so that you don´t have to remember them

Our Aim

We aim to improve your business and personal needs by offering a range of IT solutions. We are a small company which enables us to interact with clients as much as possible and break down formalities to provide a friendly, reliable service in which you have as much input as you require.

We have over 20 years of experience in many areas of IT ranging from website design to computer and server repairs which gives us the skills and experience to provide what you are looking for. Whether you need a full scale office fit out with specific workstations and peripherals or a home office set up. We can provide you with a stress free, reliable service.