Omnicom Systems

Omnicom Systems is a voice and data communications group providing integrated solutions and corporate backbone. We are ICT and Internetwork company specialising in network engineering based on based Prescot in Merseyside, it was established in 1997.

We peovide network maintenance and support as well as ICT training to clients based all around the UK. We work with Cisco and other internetwork products offering end to end products and services to clients, delivering speedy response times and a full network support.

Other services we offer include
Website design and maintenance, writing mobile phone applications, cabling, configuration and building and maintaince of network systems working with both LAN and WAN infrastructures

Voice and Data Communications Devices

Wireless network set up and support; computer (PC) repair; computer support; laptop repair; computer service; computer virus protection and repair; software installation; computer maintenance; network set up, maintenance and repair. Every day Omnicom specialists visit homes and businesses around the North West of the UK, helping clients with that and much more!
Your PC expert is part of Voice and Data Communications Group dedicated, trained professionals backed by the leading industry bodies.

For further information just call
us on +44 (0) 7785 722601.